Promoting better education in San Marcos

Education is very important

My wife and I are proud parents of two children who have attended San Marcos Unified School District from Kindergarten through High School. Later they graduated from Palomar, UCSD, USC and Cornell. My wife earned her Master of Education degree from the University of Oregon and I hold a Bachelor of Engineering degree from the State University of New York at Stony Brook. I was a successful product marketing manager with Hewlett-Packard and I am the owner of a small consulting business in San Marcos. I also served on the San Marcos Budget Review Committee, the San Marcos Economic Development Corporation and the Oversight Committee of the Palomar Medical Center.

First Hand knowledge

My wife taught in public and private schools and even started a Kindergarten curriculum from scratch at a new school in Oregon before we were married. She has been instrumental in teaching our two children and augmenting their public schooling. I remember a time when my son’s excellent math teacher was not allowed to use a textbook that produced much better results than the one forced on her by the state. She was not allowed to use the knowledge she gained through her many years of teaching which discouraged her and made me realize that more flexibility was needed. The focus of producing the best results for students was replaced with top-down mandated conformity. The teacher’s many years for experience, was unfortunately lost and students suffered. This and other experiences encouraged me to become more actively involved and apply for the San Marcos Unified School board position where I am now the vice president.

Our Future

I would like to continue to use my many years of work and child-rearing experience to provide a better education for every student in the district. I want to see more education decisions being made at the local level, closer to the application, rather than at the state and federal level. I want to give a greater voice to students and parents who desire the best education possible for their children. I would like teachers to be given more freedom to use their experience to produce the best results for their students. I also want to represent the district residents who may not have children in school, but want the best value for their tax dollars.

I humbly ask for your vote.