Building Homes in cooperation with Building Industry Association of San Diego at San Marcos High School

Issues / Platform

More local control

Problems are best solved locally, close to the problem where nearby resources can be utilized most efficiently. Too often state and federal control slows the process and forces a “one-size fits all” solution that produces inferior results and a more costly solution. I believe local administrations along with the accumulated knowledge of the teaching staff, produces better results. All too often politicians and lobbyists decide what and how subjects will be taught which are not independently tested using the knowledge of education professionals. Teachers are forced to use unproven and antiquated methods in math and English for grades K-12, so teachers are unable use their years of experience to generate better results for their students. Providing more freedom to teachers will allow them to use what they know works based on their firsthand knowledge, which will improve results and lower costs.

Vocational options

Every student is talented in different areas. Many professions require a two, four- or six-year degree after high school, but many do not. I think we need to acknowledge this and provide students with the information and training they need to be successful in these high-paying vocations. The more options students are aware of, the more likely they are to identify their gifts which will motivate them to be more successful throughout their time in the district. Teachers, parents, and society all benefit when a student acknowledges how valuable they are and how they can be rewarded for helping meet the needs of others. A clear path forward to achieving their dream is often what is needed to spark their motivation.

Private sector partnerships

The district has limited finances and taxpayers are reluctant to contribute more due to our current economy. But this reality does not mean that students will suffer. The private section needs a skilled workforce and they are willing to train our students in high-paying STEM positions for example. We have many outstanding companies in North County in the medical, automotive, engineering, education, manufacturing, hospitality services and trades that are eager to form partnerships and help train the workforce of tomorrow, without increasing taxes. Our annual Future Faire is a good example of this partnership which has been very well attended by middle and high school families.